Babies Love Leather

The texture, the sensation, the scent…. babies love leather.

My two babies could not get enough of leather….

A stylish accessory that encourages development of baby’s senses.










The Cow Funding Initiative

We are privileged to be a Cow Founder which play a small part in supporting job creation & economic growth in way that has zero environmental impact and sustainability.

Cow funding – SandlundHossain Bagatipara project

This is about our operation in Bangladesh.

I and my wife worked in a village called Bagatipara 1977-79, there we got to know a very fine man, Atiq Hossain and his family, he was teacher in the village. Now almost 40 years later it has resulted in our son`s Anders and his son´s Tulin undertaking to create a lot of new jobs there!

By the way – I am Sandlund in the brand and Atiq is Hossain!

· A new tannery will be built, with state of the art sustainability and almost zero environmental impact, also implementing the same kind of environmental tanning as we do in Böle in the very north of Sweden since 1899.

This programme will have a fundamentally positive impact on that poor family´s economy. We will monitor the calf, helping with veterinarian and nutritional questions, the calf will be marked for traceability (perhaps even visible on the net!?). Slowly we will need up to 6.000-10.000 hides for tanning every year. In that way many new jobs will be created every year!

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