Personalisation FAQ

We only emboss blind (meaning we indent the leather, leaving no colour). We do this because foil embossing is not safe for baby, especially when chewing.

Unless we are contacted within an hour of you making your purchase to change your order. We process orders live as they are placed and therefore are unable to make changes after this timeframe.

Font options

Character limits will be displayed on the product page

Fonts & Sizes

We use a contemporary, minimalistic font option in Serif 24pt. Both CAPS and lowercase is available.

Blind emboss means that no foil is applied to the monogram. The monogram you choose will be indented into the leather but not coloured. See an example here.


All of the above information is as a guide only, and is subject to change without notice. Any information provided to yourself from Once Found Co. is considered to be the fact if differing from the above FAQ.

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